Monday, July 18, 2011

Family Day

Warning:  This is not a post about crafting, sewing, beading, or making anything.  It is strictly a human interest piece where we had a day of resting (that is debatable), relaxing (that is debatable too), and fun (no debate on that one).

On Sunday we had a family day at the lake.  Now, family to us is just more than our immediate family...Our friends are like our family too.  And, the plan was to hang out with the roomies sans the know just to have fun, and not worry about life or what the kids may or may not be doing to the house.  A light, airy day so to speak.  I decided to invite my sister and her family because we have not had a fun day with them in a while.  And, we also invited our new friends (who live by the lake where we hung out) because we just wanted to hang out with them and have fun.  The daily head count:  8 adults, 3 kids, 2 toddlers, 2 babies and 4 dogs.

The day started out a little rocky...we did not have a final plan, we could not get a hold of our friends, Hubby left his phone, and we had a flat tire.  Awesome.  But, we found the perfect spot (all in the eye of the beholder) to hang out, get into the water, eat and have fun.

Boys posing for the camera.  The little guy was so cute trying to make a hang ten sign.

This is Little Mister almost 4 months old.  I am so in love with this little guy.

I found these rad flowers.  Even in the driest of areas, you can find flowers.

Yours truely in the cutest little hat in the world.  More like the best hat to try and keep the sun off.  It only kind of worked.

 I wore a cute little skirt to the lake.

Our camp. 

Little Cutie enjoying a chocolate chip cookie.

 Mama and Little Missy playing in the sand.

Kids swimming.  Look at the little guy in the middle.  Ha Ha.  And the other little guy at the bottom of the picture was saying "Cheese" while I was taking the picture.  These kids made me laugh.

Hubby took Little Missy out for a swim.  Boo met them out a ways and he pulled Little Missy back to shore.

Fishing with the kids.

The Lady in charge of the fishing.  Within 10 minutes of arriving she had their stuff out of the car, swim suit on and poles set up.  What a gal.

Before heading home we stopped by the local brewery for a bite to eat and to squeeze in the last bit of hanging out time together.  Hubby and I had a fantastic day and we cannot wait to do it again.

Hope your weekend was great!  And, have a fantastic week!



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