Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Mister is Here!

I received a text at 6:07 am yesterday morning that my sister was going to have her baby any time.  I live an hour away from the hospital, so I got ready and left the house as fast as I could, and hubby followed a little later.  On my way my mom text me with a picture of my new nephew.  My sister had a little boy and he is just about the cutest thing, but I am completely biased.  Mama and Little Mister are doing very well.  

Little Missy, Little Mister and Me

Hubby and Little Mister

A few weeks ago my sister asked me to help her get her house ready for the new kid.  Sure, why not.  She is a very organized individual and to have her ask me I felt like it was a compliment...(you have seen this right?)  As she was going through some of the things in the nursery closet she came across the memory box that she has for her daughter.  In the box was a cute pair of booties that I knitted for my niece.  The bottom part of the bootie was knit with black yarn and the straps where knit with a rainbow yarn.  I know it does not sound very baby like, but I don't do the normal baby color thing.  The booties turned out super cute.  Anyways, I told my sister that I probably will not knit Little Mister any booties, but he could wear Little Missy's booties.  She then gave me this sentimental look and said "But those are Little Missy's."  As any fantastic older sister (who was totally manipulated by her younger sister) would do...I knit Little Mister his own pair booties.  (This was the first time that I have knitted anything in over two years because of this thing.)  I chose a simpler pattern for Little Mister's booties, and they are turned out pretty cute.  (I also made him a bib for when he is a little bigger.  I used a pattern from Bend-the-Rules-Sewing.)

Booties on Little Mister

I love Little Mister!  


  1. Very exciting!! Tell Alyssa & David congrats from us. Liam is very cute. I love the booties, so tiny.

    I made some bibs a few weeks back as well, not as easy as one would think. The first one I made looked more like a visor and the second one fit Kyla (way too big)... the third one, perfect. :D

  2. Ohh! Oh the cuteness! Mikal looks like such a big sister and so excited! Great job on your Mister Presents, they're so perfect!

    Congratulations, Alyssa and David and Mikal, what a sweet little guy!


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