Monday, February 21, 2011

One Lonely Knit Sock

I wish this was a post about me pining for a lost sock from my favorite pair of socks.  Unfortunately it is a story about how I'm a procrastinator when it comes to making Christmas gifts.  A couple Christmas' ago I decided to knit a pair of socks for my sister.  It was my first attempt at socks, and for my first attempt the socks turned out pretty well. 

Pause for a short story:  My wonderful sister (I say that sarcastically because even though she can be wonderful, she is extremely ornery and sometimes just flat out rotten) loves to bring up the fact that I have huge feet.  They are not huge, just a little long for my height.  I have really long skinny monkey toes.  So does she, but her feet are smaller.  Within an hour after she had her first child, while she was still in her post birth pain fog, she asked groggily "Does she have shrek feet like Leslie?"  Yep, she thinks I have ogre feet.  So nice.  I love my sister.

By the time I finished the sock I was so tired of knitting, and I ran out of time to complete the second sock.  I wrapped the one sock for my sister's Christmas present.  After she opened it and looked at me strangely I told her that I had to finish the other one.  (Great Christmas present right?  Altogether now, lets say "NO!")  Luckily for me she is a good sport about me giving her weird handmade things.  She tried the one lonely knit sock on and it was way to big.  FAIL.  I took my lonely sock home and put it in my yarn drawer.  Sadly my sister did not get the socks...and I didn't even get her a make-up gift.  Merry Christmas Sis!

Important point of the story:  Start making Christmas presents a few months in advance just in case it will give you enough time to get a backup gift. 

Any funny stories out there about handmade gifts that were flops?


  1. It would make a pretty darn cute Christmas Stocking. :) Oh, the number of projects I have flopped.... the most recent was my first attempt at a tea cozy, took me a few hours and then ended up being too small for the tea pot. Great! So, I turned it into a dress and headband for one of Kyla's dolls.

  2. Adam and I thought about giving it Mikal for her stocking...I guess I forgot until now. Oh well.

    Good reminder about doll clothes. Mikal has a doll named Ugly Baby...and she is always "nakey." When I get a chance I will have to make something. My version of doll clothes will no doubt look like a mu-mu. I guess Ugly Baby will be living up to her name.

  3. You crack me up lady!! I want to see pictures of the mu-mu when you are finished. I'll post some pic's of the doll clothes soon here. You will recognize that fabric too. :)

  4. Ugly Baby always Nakey?

    Bahahahahaa, that made my day. I'm still laughing about it.

    I have no good "flop gifts" at the moment...but since it's my dad's birthday, here's what Asher (then age 4) suggested we give him a couple years ago:

    "We shouldn't build a cake for Grandpa, we should give him a present! Like a box! And fill it with celery and fish!"

    I nearly lost control of the car from laughing.


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