Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing My PR Reps

I am not on facebook (friends and family I know you are thinking "thank you captain obvious!").  Anyways, if anyone else is out there reading:  Since I am not on facebook, Hubby and Sister posted links on their pages to do a little PR work for me.  Here is my first bit of advertising:

RE: Adam's sweet post on FB.
Leslie has started her own sewing blog! I am really excited about. I love to sit and drink tea and watch her sew away. She is very creative and I think you all should take a look at what she is up to and maybe get gift ideas for my upcoming Birthday!

(This guy is 150% male and would not sit around and drink tea...or watch me sew.)

RE: Alyssa's post from FB.
If anyone is interested in following a blog about a gal who sews and makes things out of crap (that she turns into treasure) around her house and from thriftstores, then go to essiesews.blogspot.com. I think it's interesting and charming! 

(This girl is not being sarcastic...as I first thought when I read this comment.  She has such a way with words.  Neither of us are touchy feely sort of girls, but this is her way of throwing a little love my way.  Thanks Sis!)

They are the best!!


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