Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lunch Break with a Camo Purse and a Flower Garden

If I don't have lunch ready to go at work then hubby and I have to figure out where to eat?  It usually goes something like this:

Hubby:  What's for lunch? 
Me:  Food.
Hubby:  Did you bring lunch?
Me:  Nope.
Hubby:  I'm hungry, where do you want to go to lunch?
Me:  I don't know.  Where do you want to go?
Hubby:  (Sigh)  I don't know, lets go.
Me:  No, we have to decide now.  If we don't, then we will drive around town.
Hubby:  (Irritated) Thai Food?
Me:  Nope.
Hubby:  (More Irritated) Mexican?
Me:  Nope.
Hubby:  (Completely Irritated) Vietnamese?
Me:  Nope.
Hubby:  (Continuing on the completely irritated) I have given you three options.  It's your turn.
Me:  (In a whiny voice) I am tired of every place in town.
Hubby:  (Last chance voice) Mediterranean.
Me:  Fine.

(I don't know why we have to go through the routine, we always go the Mediterranean.  I think it is because I am a pain in the butt.)

$20 later I wish I had packed our lunches.  I usually take our lunches in one of our cloth shopping bags.  That is fine and all, but I thought about spicing things up a bit.  His and Hers Lunch Sacks will work great on the days we have to work at separate locations (Hubby has his own little side biz, so there are days we don't work together).

And Voila!  Here are our new Lunch Sacks.


"How are these pictures different?  Anyone?  My hand is raised, so I will answer.  The handles are in different positions.  Good job Leslie.  How can we correct this?  Ripping out the handles and resewing them.  Yes, good answer."  Guess what...I am not changing the handles.  It does not bother me all that much...maybe some...but not enough.

His is made out of cotton camo and orange fabrics.  The camo is from an old pair of pants (probably from a thrift store), and I found the safety orange fabric at a yard sale.

Hers is a polyester material that used to be a skirt.  Both the outer shell and the lining are made from the same material.

I made "Hers" first and tried to convince Hubby that it was for him.  He gave me a look, made a nasty comment, and then told me it was ugly.  I like it.  Does it matter what he thinks?  I then showed Hubby "His" lunch sack and the first thing he said "It looks like a camo purse!"  Hubby might get beat up on the playground if he shows up with that lunch sack.  It is ugly and girly at the same time.  Poor ugly camo purse.    

What do you think?  Have you made your own Lunch Sacks, or do you use a special box, bin, bag, etc...?


  1. That is fine and dandy except for the part where 50% of the time you say Burger Spot! I do like my lunch sack and I know the guys at the job or the Volunteer Fire Academy will be jealous and I really don't care about the handles. I am a dude.

  2. I seriously cannot figure out how to post things unless I do it anonymously. If Adam can figure this out, I should be able to figure this out.

  3. Okay, I figured it out.

    You should make a lunch bag that looks like David's. That one is pretty cool and he uses it more than I thought he would.

  4. Good idea. I will put it on the list. I need a picture of David using his bag and then I can just write a new post.

  5. Long after lunch is over, Adam is still trying to get the last word about it. For shame.

    I really like your bag. "Hers" looks pro. "His" looks "touch my bag and I'll punch your face". Is it reversible? Because that'll leave so much room for intent: LOOK HERE'S MY LUNCH, IT'S PHOSPHORESCENT! or "...not nobody gonna find my lunch here in this thicket..."

    I want to make lunch sacks out of something wipeable. I considered flannel-backed tablecloths, but then maybe two layers of that would be too bulky. And oilcloth? Not much hands-on experience with it, though it pops up online as a good choice. I want mine to look essentially like a brown paper lunch bag.

  6. Yes, Adam's is reversible. Although I think I am going to have to make him one like Zippy's snack bag. The guys have said that Zippy's is cooler than Adam's. Adam wants to be cooler than Zippy. Boys...


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