Friday, February 25, 2011

I Wish I Was On A Tropical Beach Right Now

My mom sewed a couple of dresses for me during my senior year of high school....that was 16 years ago.  I still have one of them.  Well...up until last summer I had the dress.  This dress had been hanging around in a box of quilting supplies that I have had since before I got married 13 years ago (And, I still have not finished the quilt that was suppose to be Hubby's wedding gift).  Last summer I decided to make the Jane shorts from BurdaStyle after seeing Novita's (she does not know who I am, but I really like her blog) post about her linen shorts.  Cute, right?  I cut up the dress for the fabric...sorry mom.

I wanted a pair shorts that I could lounge around during the summer evenings when the house is really hot.  (My current really short, no one should see them shorts are too small...dang).  Well, the shorts did not turn out as well as I hoped they would.  Even without the elastic waistband, you can see that the crotch is really low, and there is way to much room in the crotch causing "bunchy crotch" when I walked.  (Yes you read that right.  Please snicker now or be completely disgusted; but if you have ever jogged, you know about bunchy crotch).  Moving on.  The shorts would have been cute had I been able to execute the pattern correctly.  I am going to have to alter the pattern a bit and figure out my size.

Should I be shorts?  Should I not be shorts?
Last Saturday Hubby and I went to the local thrift stores just so I could get out of the house (I was still sick...and sick and tired of being at home).  I found a pillowcase and thought it might make a cute pair of lounge shorts (Or maybe subconsciously I am wishing I was on a tropical beach instead of this cold, wet place...who knows?).  I don't usually by pillowcases because it kind of grosses me out...someone slept on that pillowcase for years with their sometimes unwashed, greasy head....eeww.. friend Melissa buys them quite a bit and she finds some really cute patterns.  So, I bought the pillowcase.  I would not use a tropical pattern in my house, but for shorts that no one will ever see (well, except for maybe you all and definitely Hubby)...possibly.  

What do you think?   Would you make shorts or something else? Or would you walk past this pillowcase because it is ugly?  It's won't hurt my feelings.


  1. Handtowels. Rectangular and a little oversized so they could double as something fun to go on your picnic table under your dishes.

    please do not wear this fabric.

    Ps. You wish you were In and On a tropical beach right now? I think the only way you can be both is to be buried in the sand. That sounds unpleasant.

  2. Thanks for the word catch. So the fabric is gross as shorts? Is that what you are saying? Someone else told me that.


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