Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Say It's Your Birthday...

Today is my Grandma's birthday.  (I wonder if she would appreciate the Beatles singing this song to her.  Probably not.  I don't think she would like us to sing the regular Happy Birthday song her, let alone one by the Beatles.)  On Sunday, my Parents, Sis, Niece, and Grandpa and I celebrated her birthday at breakfast.  Hubby and BIL were in class so they missed out on the Breakfast Quesadilla.  Sounds good right? It was. Hubby, the quesadilla connoisseur, recommended it and it was tasty.

My Grandma is a great gift giver, so good in fact, that even on her off years she is a thousand times better at picking out gifts than I ever will be.  I never know what sort of gift to give her...but she always likes what we give.  To her it is the thought that counts and a gift is a symbol of love.  So, I made her some coasters.  Nothing big, just a little token to say "We Love You Grandma and Happy Birthday from both of us."

I used Amy Karol's coaster tutorial from her book Bend-The-Rules Sewing.  This book is great.  If you don't own it, you should.  It is fun, informative and easy to follow.  The coasters were easy to make and only took me about 45 minutes (that might seem long, but it flew by) to cut 8 squares of fabric and 4 squares of interfacing, wind a new bobbin, sew, turn inside out, press, and top-stitch.  I used a different fabric on the back of each of the coasters that coordinates with the top fabric. 

These coasters would be great as a hostess gift, thank you gift, or a just because gift.  Make a ton and have them on hand to use or give away.

I have not personally ever given a hostess gift, but I may have to change that.  These coasters are way too easy and inexpensive.  Does anyone else take a little gift to the hostess when you are invited to dinner?  If you do, what sort of gift do you take?


  1. Once again, I love the fabric you chose. :) I have been meaning to make some of these for our place. Love the idea of giving it to the hostess! I usually bring a food item. I need to work on that. When the Gilchrest's stayed with us last summer, she brought me some that she had made, very cute!

  2. I usually bring dessert as my little offering.

    Hostess gifts are so rad, but I really have to know the person... The last time I gave inedible object, Miss Hostess apparently wasn't a miniature roses-in-a-pot fan and I found it, quite dead, on the windowsill next to the other living, preferred plants in the newly re-done kitchen...still decorating in it's own macabre way.

    Granted, I've known said hostess for 6 years or so... I need more time. Or to stick to chocolate.


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