Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cousin Pillows

My sofas need new pillows.  My current pillows have drool rings on them.  I will not tell on the person who drooled all over my pillows...(it might be me)...because that would be mean and embarrassing.  Besides the drool, the colors of the pillows are no longer working in my living room.  This past weekend I painted the living room and hung curtains.  (Do you see those curtains in the background?  I will save those for another post.)  With the new changes, the pillows are lookin' a little sad.  One night before Christmas, Hubby and I went to dinner at my BIL and my new SIL's place.  They live in a studio apartment on a beautiful farm.  They are newlyweds so this place is their first home, and my SIL has decorated it so cute and cozy for the two of them.  I noticed that my SIL made a pillow out of a particular yellow fabric...the exact fabric that I bought at the thrift store about a month prior.  Turns out that she bought a panel of the same fabric...from what we can tell they must have been a pair of curtains.  I tried to fashion the panel into a shower curtain and a coverlet, but neither option worked.  Guess what...the fabric became a pillow.  You saw that coming, didn't you?  And I have enough of the fabric to make a few more of these suckers.  I am not sure how my SIL made her pillow, but I decided to make a simple envelope pillow cover for mine.  I guess our pillows are cousins. 

I made the pillow cover into an envelope so that when I drool on the new pillow cover while I am taking a nap when I want to change out the bright yellow it will be easy to switch covers.  

The envelope was simple to make, but the fabric was not that simple to maneuver.  It has a bit too much stretch, and the upper envelope flap is gaping open a little.  But you of course cannot tell because I am not going to show you that picture.  I probably should not have told on myself.

I thought about embellishing the pillow, but after seeing the pictures, I think it has enough razzle dazzle. 

The jury is still out on the size of the pillow.  It's a biggin' at 19 inches square.  I personally think this size is a bit large for my sofa.  Plus, the pillow is down...I am not a fan of down pillows.  I have a few smaller pillows that might work better than the "Hello, pick me, pick me," pillow.  Pillow drama... 

To be continued...

What have you all done to embellish pillows?  Yo yo's, applique, embroider around a drool ring?


  1. I'm adding to the pillow drama. I want that fabric! Now I have pillow envy, too.

    I think they're razzly enough.

    And if I'm pregnant, I drool. So since it's been three-plus years since I was in that state, I'm confident that drool on your pillows isn't mine.

    But I could eaaaaasily claim it as belonging to one of my sons.

  2. LOL! Yes, it could be one of your sons.


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