Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Like

I know it has been a while since I have posted something I have made.  But after working most of the day, studying a couple hours, my evenings have been lazy, wind down times.  Some weeks it is hard for me to switch my brain from very analytical engineering to creative hobbies.  I have a slew of items I want to make and a number of articles of clothing I want to refashion...but seriously, who doesn't have a lot on their plates.  In an attempt to appease my readers here are some Things I Like.

Clipart Cards.  I saw this post on Martha Stewart about taking pictures of bottles, crustaceans, dead fish, etc... and using them as cards.  I actually really like the idea with the exception of the dead fish and humanely killed crabs for the picture.  Hunt for interesting items in your yard, neighborhood, backseat of your car.  Then take pictures, transfer to your computer and create your own cards.


A Beautiful Mess posted a tutorial on how to rag roll your hair.  I used to put sponge curlers in my hair when I was a girl and my hair would turn out super curly.  I might have to try this technique.

So, you can call me a nerd.  I am.  I am an engineer who uses calculators, likes numbers, and loves solutions.  See how that can be hard to switch to creative mode.  I will admit that on occasion I have put a lanyard strung usb around my neck to go from the office to home.  Maybe if I wore one of the lockets by Emily Rothschild I could be a little cool.

The Compassionate Kristen Cutout Top from Ruche, but in coral instead of turquoise.  I bought a dress from the thrift store that is green with white polka dots, and I want to turn it into a skirt.  A coral top would pair nicely with the green.

I want to make a Pin Hole Camera for a trip Hubby and I are taking.

More Bracelets.

A new purse of course.  I like this Fringed Suede Purse from Orange Juice Etc.  And I am diggin' her skirt too.

I hope everyone had a great week, and if you didn't, I hope your weekend looks promising.



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