Friday, July 29, 2011

You know what...

You know what is frustrating?  Having so many things you want to work on, but not having the time to work on them because they are not priorities...they are hobbies. 

You know what is sad?  Being excited that Hubby is leaving for three days so that I can be a hermit and hopefully work on the things that I don't have time to do.  Sorry Hubby, I will miss you tons. 

You know what is awesome?  I get to go on a vacay in a couple of weeks.  Just Hubby and me in the forest and camping by a lake.  I cannot wait.  I have been smelling pine trees (because we have a massive pile of pine mulch sitting in our yard) and I have realized just how much I miss being in the forest.

You know what makes me happy and sad?  That I get to be an aunt for the seventh time around.  Happy.  But I don't live close to our soon to be born nephew.  Sad.

You know what I have been working on?  Probably not, so here is a list.


Reading the series

Light Knitting

A sewing project with these fabrics.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.


1 comment:

  1. maybe little man will come soon, we can see you and you can meet him! :D xoxo.


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