Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Fishing Tale

Fifteen years ago, Hubby and I went on our first fishing trip.  We had been dating for six months and already knew that we were going to get married.  We loaded up his tiny Honda CVCC and headed three hours northeast to a creek that Boyfriend was super excited to fish.  I had not really fished before but I thought anything would be fun if I was with Boyfriend.  Immediately after we arrived I headed off into the woods to do some business, and then immediately after I dropped my pants mosquitoes started attacking me.  I ran out of the woods and said "I can't do this.  I will be in the car."  About five minutes later Boyfriend came up and we talked.  I told him that "I will not be eaten alive by mosquitoes.  But I am fine to stay here while you fish."  He got into the car and we headed north to a fish hatchery to eat lunch.  He hardly talked to me the remainder of the trip.  Later I found out that my little stunt was almost a deal breaker.  On the way home, Boyfriend gave me a lecture of sorts.  He said "the next time we go on a trip like this, you will do what I do, you will eat when I eat, you will go to the bathroom when I go and you will go home when I say so.  Either you agree to this or you can stay home and do what you want."  Needless to say, I did not go on another fishing trip for aloooooong time.  I learned some hobbies and found out that I enjoyed my alone time.

Back to the present day.  Hubby and I went on a little vacay last week.  Half of the time we were in the city and the other half was spent on the Grand Mesa in Colorado.  It was beautiful, and I wish we lived near there so we could camp all summer or snowmobile in the winter.  We camped on the edge of a lake and relaxed.  Hubby asked if I wanted to hike up to another lake to go fish.  Sure, whatever you want to do.  I took a book and some light sewing (I had already caught two fish the day before and I was already bored fishing).  As I was sitting on the edge of a little trail overlooking the lake watching Hubby trying to reel in the big one I thought about our first fishing expedition.  We have certainly come a long way.  Now when we go on a trip together I sit next to the lake or river and do what I want while he fishes.  I go to the bathroom by myself (after applying several layers of bug spray), and when I ask him if we can go so that we can eat lunch, he says "Do you think you can go back by yourself?"  I say "um..." and he says nicely "Probably not.  Okay, let's go."  Amazing what 15 years of being together can do.  Lots of grace and mercy for the other person.  Maybe I am learning something after all.  And, I tried to take a picture of the "big one" but he/she broke the line as Hubby was reeling it to shore...sad.

Here are a few shots of our trip:

The first night outside the city we spent at a campground.  We are not really campground people, but we stayed at the one spot overlooking a little lake.

We traded the campground (at $18/night with its bossy little girl who glared at me every time we met at the restrooms, the smelly vault toilets and bajillions of mosquitoes) in for a spot on the edge of a lake (for free which included the option of peeing in the woods or pants, lazy mosquitoes and complete silence).  Sold.

To prove that I was sewing while Hubby was fishing.

Hubby watching, waiting and hoping.

I usually take pictures of flowers.

And I included my camera shy self into the mix.

Hope you all are well.  I have some projects in the works, so I will share those soon.



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