Monday, August 29, 2011

Cowboys, Rednecks and Carneys

Last weekend was our town's annual Cowboy, Redneck and Carney (CRC) fest.  Every August the cowboys come to town to compete in a rodeo, the pets parade their stuff on the main drag, the arts and crafts vendors (after being a part of the arts and crafts world, a teeny bit, this is not an arts and crafts festival) set up their booths, the carneys set up the rides, the local "watering hole" sets up the mechanical bull, the bikers come for a visit, the car buffs show their rides, and almost every merchant in town wears plaid.  My Sister, Bro-in-law, Little Missy and Little Mister came up to hang out for the day so we went to the festival.  We stayed for a few hours and then headed back to our place to take a nap and eat pizza for dinner.  At one point my sister was in the bathroom with me and said "What is the matter with your hair?" with a mixture of surprise and disgust in her voice.  My first thought was that a bird defecated in my hair, and then the next thought was that I had something sticky in my hair (from Little Missy sitting on my shoulders).  I said "What is wrong with my hair?"  Sister said, "What is all of the gray in it?"  Hello Master of the Obvious, it is gray hair.  My sister is sooo loving and compassionate (if you remember this post).

Even though she pointed out that I am getting old and that I was not blessed the family genes that prolong gray hair until you are at least 50 years old, I still made her a skirt.  I am a loving and compassionate least I inherited those genes.  I made this little plaid number and I wish I had the skirt ready so she could have wort it to the annual CRC fest.  And, I wish I had a picture of her in the skirt...Maybe she will grace us with her presence one of these days.

I actually bought the fabric with all of the plaids sewn together.  The skirt is lined with a light cotton for modesty.  The two layers were zigzagged together at the top, and then I folded the raw edges under a 1/4".  Then I zigzagged the fabric to the elastic in two rows.  At the end I hemmed both layers.  Lucky for me you cannot see the mistakes I made. 

I tried the skirt on and I am actually kind of sad that I promised it to my Sister.  One of these days when someone asks me "Did you make that?"  I will finally be able to say "Yessss!!!"  But for now, skirts for those I love.

I hope you all are doing well.  Especially to everyone on the east coast affected by the hurricane.  I am praying for you all.  Sorry for the sporadic posts and crappy pictures.  I will be able to post regularly after I take my gargantuan exam at the end of October.

Have a Great Week!!



  1. Love that skirt Leslie, well done!

  2. @*amandagrace
    Thanks. I am trying to get her to wear it a different way. Maybe she will let me take her picture so I can post it.


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