Friday, April 15, 2011

Who Doesn't Love A New Bag?

Do you remember The Pretty Things Happen In My Head Skirt?  Well, I decided to put the seam ripper to use and destroy all evidence of the skirt.  I know, it sounds a bit dramatic and drastic, but I was not going to ever wear the skirt (especially since Hubby gave it the thumbs-down with his eyes).  The material was perfectly good to waste and it didn't help that the material was begging me to turn it into a cute bag.  I guess I am a pushover, or a purse-a-holic like my mother who always tells me "You can never have enough bags," when I see her pick up yet another bag.

This skirt turned bag is my first official Project ReStyle.  Yay!

Here is the BEFORE:


And here is the AFTER:


Handle Detail

Pocket Detail

And here is the reverse side:

Reverse Side

Pocket Detail

To sew the bag, I used the Charlie Bag pattern from BurdaStyle and then I added darts in the corners to round the bottom a bit.  As you can see the bag is reversible.  Both sides of the bag have pockets and a little embroidery.

The Verdict:  The color combination of the rust and yellow is just okay.  I can live with the colors together, but when I glance at my bag from across the room (yes, I am weird like that), the colors are not that pleasing to me.  I like each side individually, but not necessarily together.  The pockets are a little small, but usuable. And, the corners are not as rounded as I intended.  I was trying to make them look more like Novita's Reverible Bag.  Yes, I am my own worst critic.  So, I guess that means I will be making another bag (hehe). 

What clothing items or accessories do you like to hoard collect (and hopefully use)?

I hope you have a great weekend! ~Leslie


  1. Hey Leslie, I like the style of the bag and the colors. I love the handle on the rust/blue side, pretty!


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