Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things I Like

Hello All!  Here are some things that I like. 

1.  Someone worked hard on these little guys.  They just made me laugh.

Bunny Sculptures via Craftzine

2. This is an easy way to use those fabric scraps.  Say yes to hoarding fabric scraps!

By ellzabelle

3.  I have a couple of lampshades that I need to recover and I like this tutorial at Design Sponge.

By Design Sponge

4.  I am really enjoying braids right now.  Hopefully I will be able to braid my hair after today's haircut.  I love the fishtail and the colors through her hair...beautiful.

Via Oh The Lovely Things

5.  Very creative use of a gold chain.  Hello thrift store, I am coming.

By Honestly...WTF

6.  Aaamaaziiing.  I want to move here.

Via Creature Comforts Via Tristan

7.  Rolled Fabric Necklace.  No chain required.

Via The Pursuit Of Craft

8.  My sister does the best impression of "Sean Connery" in the SNL Jeopardy skits.  This is for her. 

By Backless Shirt

9.  I want this wall. 

Via Apartment Therapy

10.  Yellow for inspiration.

Via Wise Craft

Have a great day! ~Leslie


  1. I loved the cards, the lamp shade, and you know I want you to make me a suck it trebek onsie.

  2. @bubbamcp
    I laughed when I saw that onesie. It would not be so funny if I did not have Sean's laugh in my head.


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