Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Time Flowers

Happy Monday All!  I hope your weekend was great.  Mine was filled with painting, touching up, painting, touching up...and I am still not done.  A 400 square foot plus living room is a big room to paint, but it is looking really nice.  As soon as I am done and the art is back on the walls, I will post some pictures.  (I still owe you one about the curtains).

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in my little world.  Sunny and 57°F.  Normally I love winter...the snow, the cold, hot coffee, soup, jackets, wool socks...I love it all.  I take that back...I absolutely loathe cold sheets.  The rest is the best (in a Nacho voice).  We have been teased with some nice spring time weather, and I think I am finally ready for warmth.  I actually wore a skirt and flats sans tights to church.  Just my blinding white legs that were soaking up as much sun as they could.  I noticed the trees next door to us have started blooming which means springs is almost here and it will be a welcomed whole heartedly.  This winter has been long.  It feels like relief is on the way.

My SIL's birthday is this weekend so from my To-Do list I made her crochet flower bookmarks and a pair of button earrings.

My SIL has an English degree (with a focus in literature...I think), so she likes the books.  All kinds of books.  These bookmarks will be perfect for her.  They were easy to make as soon as I figured out how to crochet them correctly.  I took me about 3 hours figure out what I was doing, but then after I got the hang of it.  You can find Julie's tutorial here.  For a tiny bit of flare, I added beads to each of the petals.  I knotted the ends of the strings so they will not slide out of books, and I made them at three different lengths for various sizes of books.

The button earrings (I should have put something in the picture to reference the button dimension, but they are about 1/2" in diameter) were super simple to make.  You can find Alli's tutorial here.  I threaded the button with embroidery thread and hot-glued the earring post to the back.  I think they turned out pretty cute.

I stuck to my no spending on sewing and crafting this weekend.  Yay me!  All of the supplies I used to make these gifts I had on hand.  The crochet flowers cost me pennies because the yarn was so cheap at the thrift store.  The earrings actually cost me a ton more... a whole $0.60 (including the hot glue).  A cute, easy gift for under a $1.  You can do this too!

What did you do this weekend?  Any fun adventures?  Did you get to enjoy warm sunny weather?   


  1. You're doing it! You're checking things off your list of crafts. Braaaaavo! I'm so going to make the button earrings. Maybe for the next girl's birthday that comes along. I like the flowers. Where will they end up? Sewn to a hat? Or a pillow?

    I did enjoy the warm weather. And the zillion people at my house. And now, I'm enjoying my peace.

  2. I gave them both to Mo for her birthday. I will have to find a way to use the flowers more. A pillow is a good idea. I am going to try to find a different type of glue other than hot glue for the button earrings. The earrings in the post kept falling apart, so I gave Mo a different pair that seem to be holding.


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