Friday, March 11, 2011

Need BIG Creativity On A small Budget

This past Saturday I decided to take a little spending hiatus.  Since hubby and I are on a budget we only allow ourselves $10 a week each for clothes and extra money.  So I have to really budget for clothes, thrifting, craft and fabric shopping, and gifts.  I am hoping that the hiatus will help me focus on using what I have and be creative with my sewing and crafting.  I don't know how long this hiatus will last, but I am trying to get through at least another week and two days, with out spending anything on sewing and crafting.  This sounds kind of lame and is only two weeks of no craft spending...come on Leslie.  But, it is a long time especially since I want to run out and buy stuff now (more elastic and more earring posts).  After the hiatus, I am going to reevaluate how I spend money on sewing and crafting.

So I have compiled a To Do List for this next week.

1.  Birthday present -  Button Earrings, and either Crocheted Flower Bookmarks or a Contortionist Cuff (thanks to all of the ladies who posted tutorials on their sites for these little goodies).

Courtesy of one pearl button
Courtesy of the adventures of bluegirlxo
Courtesy of kootoyoo...

2.  Birthday present - Similar Pine Derby Car

Courtesy of Derby Talk

3.  Baby Present - Can't reveal that one yet since the mother reads this occasionally.  Here are a couple of hints:

4.  New napkins for me - Possible fabric:

5.  Rust Colored Skirt - I woke up yesterday morning with a picture of this colored skirt.  I would like to use the plaid as the elastic casing so it looks like it has a belt.  I have no idea if this work, but it can't hurt to try.

Okay budgeters, what do you do to stretch your cash?  Do you trade, barter, sell your goods to buy new supplies?


  1. I like the fabric of the secret baby gift!

    Whatever happened to my skirt? The fabric you pictured, isn't that the fabric we picked out for my skirt?

  2. By the way, I really like the crocheted bookmarks and the cuff. I have a another project for you when you are done with your spending hiatus. I will have to show you pictures of them. They look totally simple, I could probably do them. Do you have a hot glue gun?

  3. Yes, that is your fabric. I set aside plenty for you, but I am waiting until you pop so we decide the waistline. And, yes I have a hot glue gun.


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