Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Bit Of Inspiration

Just after I started this blog...I am talking hours...I had a mini panic attack.  The panic attack consisted of these particular thoughts:  Is this was the right thing to do?  How can I keep this going?  What am I going to write about?  Do I have time?  Etc...Just a bunch of nonsensical fear that was trying to take me down.  I got over myself and decided,"Yes, this is what I want to do."  After all, this is just a journal of what I have made and then sharing my creations with all of you.

I have quickly found that I need inspiration where ever I can get it.  I have been caring a journal around with me to jot down ideas and to collect pictures.  Since coming up with ideas to share is fairly new to me I have found that when I look for inspiration I can quickly find some...I just have to keep my eyes open when I look.  Wait...does that make sense?  Okay, good.  This week while reading various blogs and websites I found quite a few things that made me think "Ooh, I like that!"  So, here you inspiration for the week.
1.  I love this color (that blue peeking out on the right)...and my bedroom is begging me to paint it this color.  I have a sweater that is almost that color and I may have to use it as inspiration for my bedroom.  I like the corrugated metal headboard, but I would be afraid that I would cut my hand on it while cleaning it.  Silly, right?  Yes, but I would totally cut my hand on this headboard.  Maybe an old metal headboard painted silver would work better for me.  I like the contrast of materials and colors. 

Courtesy of HGTV

2.  Pillows...just to add to the pillow drama.  These pillows are from sukanart.  This is the perfect yellow pillow for my living room instead of the bright yellow creation.  The birds!  I love the little birds all over the pillow.  It is a fun and happy pillow.  The other night I walked outside and a covey of quail was flying into the tree in front of our house.  I have missed the quail.  This pillow makes me think of them.

Yellow Linen Pillow Cover
White Linen Pillow Cover

3.  Flowered wall paper...Yes!  I think this would be great in a little sewing room.  This room is fantastic...light, airy, and covered in flowers.

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

4.  Thread Art.  This is cool and it looks easy to do.  I could be my nerdy self and make colorful geometric shapes to hang on the wall.

Thread Art

5.  The design of these prints from the Rifle Paper Co.  I love the colors and the shapes.  I really like the cowboy.  Hubby's Grandma mentioned to him once that he should have been a cowboy.  I would be fine with that...hat, wranglers, boots and a horse...Yes please.   

Botanical Notes & Calling Cards
Citrus Print


Cowboy Print
Assorted Insects

What has inspired you?  The beautiful sunrises?  People taking care of one another?  Funny birds that scare the poop out of you when you walk out the door? 


  1. You have a blog!!! I'm so excited to have found you the cyber-world! I'll definitely be checking in here and keeping tabs on you. Good to "see" you again.

  2. @TnT

    Good to "read" from you again T. It has been a while. I pray you are well!


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