Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello...Is Anyone There???

Bye Bye Boo

Hey all!  Sorry I have been absent as of late.  I am trying to come to some sort of balance in my, cleaning, painting, working, then sewing.  I love blogging, but I need to figure out the priorities of the blog and what exactly I want to write about.  Also, I kind of need projects to write about and those projects have come to a complete halt.  Since we met last:

I passed my Professional Engineer's Exam!  Yes, I am a licensed engineer.  Passing the exam is Insane, Crazy, Surreal, and yet nothing has changed.  Eight years of hard work and I am done with that season of my life.  I am excited for what comes next...I don't know what is coming next...but it will be something new.

I painted most of my kitchen.  I am the slowest painter in the world...and I don't enjoy painting.

I have acquired a Serger.  A wonderful lady totally blessed me with a Serger; but unfortunately it has to visit the Serger doctor for servicing.  I started making a 10 minute bag (that took me well over an hour) and I broke two needles.  Grrr...

My dog died...Sad.  (Yes, that is life is not a country song). 

I had my second running injury running this year (the first I landed on my knee when I slipped on ice and was out for 3 weeks).  This time I sprained my ankle which turned out to be a more serious sprain that I first thought.  Hopefully by week 6 I will be out running again...with an ankle brace.

We went camping for a few days just below Mt. Whitney.  No hiking for me (see above), but we hung out in nature, ate lots of food and saw a spaghetti western at the Lone Pine Film History Museum.

I learned how to spin wool with a drop spindle.  Did you know that you can spin dog fur into yarn?  My first thought...that's disgusting...I hardly ever bathe my dog.

Shelves have been added to the Make Space, but I am still trying to figure out the layout, storage options and how to make room for Hubby because we have to share the room. 

How are you all?  Let me know...good or bad.


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  1. Sorry to hear about your dog Leslie :(. I still want to get together and sew but Melissa needs her sewing machine back. So I think I should try and get mine fixed I guess :)


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