Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Name Is Leslie and I Am A....

PROJECT HOARDER.  I have a terrible habit of starting projects, putting them down when I make a mistake, walk away to think a while, forget about the project and start another project.  Basically I see something shiny, which in this case is anything fabric, paper, scissor, marker or glue related, and I abandon my harder projects for something easier.  Then the easier project becomes harder and know the rest.  To date (and that is what I can see in the piles of crap on the floor, table, chair and ironing board), I have 12 unfinished projects.  These are the projects that I actually want to finish.  I guess this is where a list of priority projects would come in handy...which is defined as organization.  Everything comes back to organization.  I can't help myself. 

Here are some of my unfinished projects:

Overnight Bag that I thought I could finish on a Sunday afternoon.

A Vest made out of lace and knit.

Two Skirts that I have taken upon my self to refashion.

A Wreath that needs more flowers.

My other projects include the Crescent Skirt and Renfrew Top that I have sewn once and unpicked once, an Embroidered Creation, the Sorbetto top that I am currently dismantling, a pair of shorts that I started at least 2 years ago, and of course Organizing my Sewing Area.

Are you a project hoarder? What type of projects have you left unfinished? Maybe you should try and finish them... ☺



  1. Project Hoarder! Funny :). I can relate. I haven't done anything crafty in a while but I used to have lots of unfinished projects. Now I collect Pinterest projects which is much less messy because I never start anything. I just hoard the ideas :). Thanks a lot for introducing me to Pinterest by the way *sarcasm*. Actually, I really love Pinterest :)

    1. Mona, when are we sewing again. I want to continue working on something and I think sewing with someone will help me.

  2. Hee hee. Tee hee hee. I am snickering. Because I can relate. My projects look fantastic in my head, and I love the fabric that should go with them. But then, I recklessly stuff the fabric into cubbyholes and keep the patterns scattered all over my brain (Fieldmice probably have tidier lives). Never the twain shall meet, as long as I keep this up. I call it "Fractured Crafting".

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  4. I do this all. the. time. Thanks for sharing your unfinished projects with us, and good luck with finishing them! I'm particularly interested in that over night bag, it looks amazing!

    1. Hi Bekuh! Thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I can finish the bag (or something) soon so I can get back to sharing.


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