Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Organization: Thread and Bobbins

When I originally set up my sewing area, I put my spools of thread in a basket and my bobbins in a little wood tray. 

In the photo above and on the right side of the photo, you can see the basket and the tray next to the basket.

As I started accruing more bobbins, the tray was starting to become a little messy.  The thread would hang over the side of the tray and when I would pick a bobbin out of the tray I would unwind another bobbin.  It was a little frustrating.

I bought a plastic bobbin case to contain all of the bobbins...I know it is a bit generic and not stylish at all...but it works, and I figured that I could hide it in a basket.  When I bought my fabric baskets, I purchased a smaller basket for the thread.  I set up my area and it looked like this:

Not bad, but it still seemed a little messy to me.  Unfortunately and fortunately I inherited the "Everything has to be symmetrical and neatly organized" genes from both of my parents...Thank you Mom and Dad.  Sewing Area Translation:  spools of unlike shape and sizes = messy.  I know...a little Type A...but that is the extent of me being Type A...I think.   

Then I thought a basket with a lid would be better.  Fortunately I only had to search one store and I found a great basket with a hinged lid.  The unfortunate part was that I had to drop off a very cranky Hubby at the endodontist to have a root canal...poor guy.  He actually told the endodontist the he was stoked for him to drill into the tooth and he was excited to pay him alot of money to get it done.  I guess pain leads to desperation.  Back to the basket.  When I dropped off Hubby, I decided to go to Home Goods to look around.  That is where I found a great basket that would hold all of the thread, the bobbin case and any tools that usually sit on the table.

And here is what it looks like inside:

I would have added a picture away from the table, but the surrounding area is messy and I don't want to show that to you yet.

How do you organize your thread and bobbins?



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