Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Linens

Little Missy's birthday is today.  She is 3 years old, and growing up way too quickly.  Little Missy is a high spirited little girl who prances instead of walks, never has met a stranger (but probably should) and loves life to the nth degree.  I love her like she is my own...but I get to give her back when she screams.  The benefit of being an Aunt.  

For Little Missy's birthday, I made her a few linens for her new kitchen so that she can be the hostess with the mostess.

Every little cook needs an apron.  I used the Basic Child's Pattern from Sew Liberated.

A hotpad is necessary so that she does not burn her hands while she is cooking, baking and preparing tea.  This side shows the hand pocket.  All she has to do is put her hand in and grab the hot plate. 

She cannot serve tea and cookies without tea towels. 

Or wash dishes without a dishcloth.

And the whole shebang wrapped.  I know this is a Christmas bucket, but the red matches the gift and Little Missy is so full of joy that I think it is appropriate...and justified. :)

This was such a fun gift to make.  I love having nieces. 

Happy Birthday Little Missy.  I Love You!!!



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