Saturday, January 14, 2012

Things I Like

Things I Like all having to do with Art.  I think I am trying to tell myself something.

Wood Grain Art.  I love this. You can find the instructions at Lowe's.

Bird Art.  Love the colors, love that it is off center, love the wierd bird.  And it is a free download by evie s.

Buttons.  This is not exactly art, but I think you could frame a bunch of these and use them as art.  You can find the printed jars at Papertrey Ink.

Photo by Dawn Mcvey at Raspberry Suite

Make your own paint by number.  The Ambitious Procrastinator can show you how.

This is amazing.  Quilled paper as art by Yulia Brodskaya.

Photo found at All Things Paper

Vintage Squirrel Art.  Who doesn't need this in their house?  This is for my sister. 

Butterfly Art.  I want this for my living room.  You can download it at Just Something Made.


Have a Great Weekend!!!



  1. That bird isn't that weird, it's just a peacock. Peacocks have weird heads, but then, that's really not the focal point of the bird...

  2. @Melissa
    I actually did not catch that it was a peacock...just a weird looking bird.

  3. I love the paint by number thing. I wanna try that.


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