Monday, January 23, 2012

A New Sewing Project

In my editorial calender (yep, I am trying to keep one), I had planned to write a post on a little bag today.  But, plans changed when I decided not to make the bag and that act of editorial calendar defiance left me with a hole in my scheduled posts.  I thought about making a project from Red Velvet's DIY Dress Up E-course, but because of life, a 3-year old's birthday party, visiting my Grandma in the hospital (she is doing well), and hanging out with family, that left me with sewing on Sunday.  But...sorry, there are a lot of buts in this post...with other priorities, like going to church and cleaning my laundry room (which will take a couple of hours because it is disgusting) that left me with a couple of hours to sew.  I decided to spare you with any quick, crappily (yes, I am making up a word) sewn projects today and focus on a future project.

When I arrived home on Saturday night, I noticed a pattern sitting on the bottom shelf of my fabric-case.  A couple of weeks ago, I pulled a bunch of printed patterns out of a binder and stuck them on the bottom shelf.  I forgot that I had three patterns that I have not thought of since I bought them (this is where I will with a purpose and not on an impulse because chances are one of those patterns will not be used). 

I bought this pattern after seeing Tasia of Sewaholic in several versions of this skirt, here, here and here.  And, I am pretty sure that I have had this pattern since the end of 2010...judging by the date of the comments on this post.    

The fabric I am going to use for this skirt is a small floral, lightweight cotton.  It is not really my style of fabric, but it was free, I have enough of it, and it can always be my muslin for a future skirt.  After I finish the skirt I will write about the experience...the good, the bad and the ugly.  

Do you sew your own clothes?  If so what do you like to sew?



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