Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things I Like

Here are collection of things that I like.  Hope you do too.

1.  Sunglasses Bag.  I always scratch my cheapo sunglasses...always.  And since I am way to cheap to buy good, expensive sunglasses (which I would no doubt keep in a bag), then I probably should make myself a bag like this for my sunglasses.

By Say Yes To Hoboken

2.  Braided Leather Bracelet.  This looks fun.


3.  Pillows.  Love these pillows from Erin Flett.

4.  Leather Necklace.  Love the geometry, love the color, love the randomness.

By Boo and Boo Factory Via Beautiful Mess 

5.  Clogs.  I WANT these clogs from Westcounty Clogs.

What do Like today?

Happy Half Week!  ~Leslie


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