Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lets Here It For The Boys

This is a post about boy things.  Now, I would not mind wearing one of these if I was camping, or if it had different colors, or if it had beads on it.  I did see these little cuties so maybe I will have to make myself one...with brighter and cuter rope of course.  But today is for the boys, specifically Dads and Grads.

Shortly after I made the Wrap Bracelets, Hubby asked me if I could make him a bracelet.

Me:  Um...what?  A bracelet? 
(This guy does not wear bling, unless you count my diamond earrings which he has been know to do.  But, way.)
Him:  A survival bracelet.
(He showed me, and I said yes.)
Him:  I want to give one each to the guys, the Fearsome Foursome, for graduation.
Me:  What colors?
Him:  Camo.
Me:  Seriously?  What about green or black?
Him:  I want camo, not black and camo, just camo.
Me:  Fine.  But, Zippy will not wear camo with his new red watch.   
(You will not get this, but that's okay.
Him:  Whatever, do what you want.  I don't care.

I was right, but he didn't want to admit that I was right (even after 13 years of marriage I am still you honey).  However, knowing it would make him happy, I made him the camo bracelet.  And after I made the bracelets, he said he liked the black better.  Freak.

The Fearsome Foursome at their graduation.

Aaaahhhh...Aren't they cute?

The survival bracelets are made with 550 Type III Paracord.  The cord has 7 inner strands and a tensile strength of 550lbs.  Each bracelet was made with approximately 10 feet of cord.

Since Father's Day is today and since the Dads are especially difficult to shop for, we are giving them bracelets too.

Congrats to our Grads and Happy Father's Day to our Dads!



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