Monday, June 27, 2011


Hello!  Sorry for the absence.  I started studying for my engineering exams last Monday (the exams are in October - soooo much fun) so the extra time I do have has been spent sewing, but not blogging.  I have finished the project that I teased you with a while and back and that will be the next post (as soon as I take pictures).  So I will leave you with a Scene From My House.

This is what I saw in my kitchen when I went home for lunch today.  Did the frog give up?  Is the frog going on a vacation to the dump?  Who knows.  But I bet the little boy who put the frog in the trash had a very logical thought about why the frog should go in the trash.  I don't have kids, but the family who lives with us has three.  I am learning all kinds of things about kids and from kids.

Happy Monday!



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