Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I Like

Hey all!  I know that I promised you a post about this, but I have been sick this week and my spare time was spent laying on the couch after work.  So, here are some things that I like:

1.  I really like these lace earrings made by Branchbound.  They are light, airy and great for the summer.

2.  Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business posted a tutorial on how to make a linen clutch.  I just bought purple linen fabric that would look so cute as a little clutch.

3. Lizzie of Cotton and Curls has a fun style.  I like how she added an applique to the back of a cardigan.

4.  I want to include crocheting into my rotation of projects.  Just to have something to do when I wind down at night or when people are talking to me (I have done this.  It might be rude, unless you know me.).  These placemats by Purl Bee look like an easy wind down project.  I would like to make a larger one and use it as a rug for my bathroom.

5.  Katie from Skunkboy Creatures put butterflies in her hair.

That is all for today.  Have a fantastic 4th of July weekend.  Mine will be bittersweet.  Love you and miss you Grandpa Jordan.



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