Friday, May 13, 2011

A Trek To The Thrift Store

A couple of days ago I broke my thrifting fast.  You might remember my self imposed spending hiatus from thrift stores, craft stores and fabric stores.  It lasted a lot longer than two weeks...I made it two 2 months and 6 days.  Luckily for me, the day I decided to head over to the closest thrift store to my office, I found some interesting things for a whole $10.  Here is what I found:

This rad dress.  It is completely see through, but that can be remedied with a slip.  Store bought or homemade...I still have not decided.  It is polyester with pearl-like buttons and a sash.  I will have to hem it because it is a little too long.  The color is what drew me to it...I love this color.

This belt.  I am fairly certain that the knotted portion should fit around your entire waist...but not mine.  I will make it work.

Here is a picture of the rest of my loot and the right toe of my slipper as I was standing on the table taking the not so staged blurry picture.  Only the best for you guys.

The wooden platter will look great on my ship hatch coffee table.  Yes a ship hatch.  Hubby's grandfather had several made for his wife and his daughters at least 35 years ago.  We inherited Hubby's mom's table.  It is a great table.

Two different types of lace.  The top lace is a pair of curtains that I want to use to make a shirt like Alli did in this tutorial - she is so creative.  The bottom lace is really thick.  When I unrolled it I noticed that someone tried to make a shirt or vest out of the lace...maybe I can finish it...or maybe not.  I want to use it for applique.

A Make-Shirt-Kit.  This purchase only cost me $0.50.  It is funny.  If it does not work out...not much lost.

And lastly a trivet.  My mom used have a few of these when I was growing up.  I only found one, but I will keep a look out for others.

What have you found at the thrift stores lately?



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