Friday, May 13, 2011

A Present For Me

A note to self and advice for any bloggers reading who don't already do this:  Save a copy of your posts to a word document...because at some point Blogger will swallow them whole.  This announcement is sponsored by an irritated blogger who is irritated at Blogger. 

The other day I stopped by my house to pick up lunch (I only live 1.5 miles from work which makes it an easy and convenient break in the day)and I saw a pair of hand knit pot holders with a note from my new roomie.  She picked them up for me thinking I would like them.

I do like them.  And I used them last night when I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Have you received a handmade gift recently?  And, what are your plans for the weekend.

Whatever you are doing I hope you have a great weekend.  I am headed to the coast with Hubby to his family.  ~Leslie


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