Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Things I Like For Mother's Day

How did Mother's Day arrive so early this year?  It is Wednesday before Mother's Day and who does not have gifts ready?  Me.  So, if you are like me and need some ideas of what to give Mom, here are a few little goodies that would be easy to make. 

1.  I love this beaded necklace from Anthropologie.  Instead of the clasp you could just tie the ribbon in a bow.

By Anthropologie

2.  Projects that require no glue, no sewing, no ironing are pretty awesome.  What about a cute little stationary set?  All you need is a cutting tool.  (Oh will need a little glue...not much though.)

Via Design Sponge

Via Design Sponge

3.  Burlap Rosette Bracelet.  You could make this with a cotton or linen fabric if you cannot find burlap.

By Brassy Apple

4.  A quick grocery or tote bag.

By verypurpleperson

5.  Rosette Necklace.  So Cute.

By Hello, Friend

6.  How about an easy pin cushion?  I think I could have 10 pin cushions on hand and manage to leave them everywhere.

By The Purl Bee

7.  Mom might like a bright colored mug rug while she is drinking her morning coffee.  I love the colors of this rug.

Via In Color Order

8.  An easy project to use up some of those mason jars (that is if you collect them like I do).  Plant some pretty flowers in the jars so Mom can put them outside on a table, or inside on her windowsill. 

By The CSI Project

There you go.  You still have time to make a great gift (or con someone else into making it for you).

What did you get your Mom, Grandma, Sister, Friend, Stranger for Mother's Day?


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