Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Birds, Butterflies And A Cat

Hubby and I have had cats since before we got married, with the exception of a couple of breaks.  Our first two cats lived with us until they were thirteen and sadly the last one past away last May.  In July someone gave us a couple of kittens.  Two weeks later the first kitten went missing and then three months later the other kitten ran out in front of my truck while I was pulling up to the house.  It was horrible.  We were really attached to that cat, and losing him was a little depressing.  So I decided that I was done with cats.  I wanted to wait until we lived on our ranch (a dream of mine) until we get any more cats.

About a month ago Hubby said he was ready for a new cat.  I told him I wasn't ready yet.  On Sunday night Hubby came home with a box that had a lid and openings for handles.  I asked him what was in the box and he said it was a surprise...he said "Here kitty kitty."  I didn't believe him.  He said "Here kitty kitty" again, and I still didn't believe him.  Then I saw the white nose poking out of the handle.  "What the..." was my response.  Hubby told me that this cat is "special."  Not as in "eat the paste" special, but that he has been neglected special.  Poor kitty.  He was locked up in an apartment for a couple weeks without food or water.

(Sorry, there was a picture here, but I have no idea where it is now.  Picture a cute orange and white cat with felt butterflies posed next to him on the couch.)

Let me introduce you to Maxwell:  He is afraid of the light and being out in open spaces, he knows how to open cabinet doors, he is loud, he is a rub-down mooch, and he can spend 10 minutes in his litter box scratching.  As of this morning we are on the fast track to moving him outside to be a partially outside cat.  The litter box is starting to irritate me and when I picked him up this morning he "dribbled" on my sweater.  Gross.  He is an odd ball, but I like wierdo type animals.

Sorry I could not get a picture of him with his eyes open, so you get to see him while he is of his favorite past times.  Since this is a crafty type blog I included the felt butterflies and birds to show that I am working on something.

Have a great day!  ~Leslie


  1. I think Maxwell is cute. Just let him be an inside cat.

  2. He looks like George!! I agree, keep him inside ... he will live longer. :P

  3. You both are crazy. Maxwell is trying out the outside life today.


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