Monday, March 7, 2011

My First Skirt...That Actually Turned Out...Woot!

After my Grandma's birthday breakfast I stopped by a fabric store to grab a few items.  I perused the sale table and found this paisley fabric for $2.38/yard and there were almost three yards in the piece.  As I was looking at the piece I had a skirt in mind that I have been wanting to sew.  When I was paying for everything the lady at the register asked if I was going to make pajama bottoms.  I told her I was thinking about sewing a skirt, but maybe I will make a pair of shorts.  That's a good idea lady at the register...Thanks! 

Sidenote:  my sister has left one comment on this blog, but she prefers to tell me her comments in person or text me.  She told me that the tropical pillow case was gross.  Dear sister, will this fabric be better for the shorts?  

I decided to use Anna Maria Horner's pattern Flirting The Issue Skirt with this fabric.  It is girly, it is fun and it is definitely flirty.  The skirt turned out pretty well, but it is a little scandalous.  It is a little short and a little full.  I live in one of the windiest places in the nation (as evidenced by the thousands upon thousands of wind turbines that I can see from my living room window), and a full, short skirt in this region can create a humiliating moment for a modest person (maybe I should plan on wear cute undies the days I wear this skirt - just in case).  So, even though it is cute and it fits, it will have to be a house skirt or a Saturday morning yard sale skirt. 

Now, I am a little shy about posing for the camera, so when I can figure out what to wear with this skirt (my two white shirts have coffee stains on them) and I can get someone to take my picture without me feeling super self conscience, then I will post a picture.  But until then, here is my Flirting The Issue Skirt.

Have you had any funny wardrobe malfunctions?

P.S. - I made some headway on my sewing area.  Whenever I can get it looking spiffy, I will post another picture.  On Friday night my sister texts me "U need me 2 organize your room.  That's disgusting."  Sister please come help organize my room somewhere between waddling around because your 9 months pregnant or when you have a little guy strapped to you 24/7.  Anytime between then and then will work. 


  1. I love this skirt and would wear it all summer. I am going to check out the pattern, thanks for sharing this! Looks great.

  2. I like that skirt. You can wear it with the leggings that go below the knee. I would wear it with or without leggings.

  3. That anonymous post is from me. I forgot to sign in first.

  4. Cute skirt! I wore mine with a tight fitting black tshirt and black leggings the other day. With the way the waist is, you really need to have a shirt tucked in-which I NEVER do. :)

  5. Love it. I'm curious about how you got the top all even. Is it stretchy fabric? Leggings save the day, I agree, but no one can label you as scandalous.

  6. I still don't know about leggings. I kind of feel like I look like a midget, but maybe I will have to try again. Are bike shorts back in style yet? The fabric is cotton. The stretch comes from 4 channels of elastic.

  7. Thanks for the comments ladies! You are all very sweet.


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