Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

I went to the Goodwill one night just to look around for interesting fabric to use to make some bags.  While looking in the men's section I found a striped belt.  I immediately thought it would be great for handles on a tote bag.  A couple of nights later I was sewing with a wonderful friend of mine.  I showed it to her and she said it would make a really cool guitar strap.  (Thanks for the idea Melissa!)  Awesome, I found my Valentine's gift for hubby, and it only cost me a couple of bucks.  Much better than the watch I was thinking about buying him.  (Honey if you are reading this, I know you would prefer the watch, but it was better this way because you did not have to buy me anything expensive.  I am such a thoughtful wife.)

Let's back up a bit.  On our anniversary hubby and I went to breakfast.  As we sat down he said, "So, are you ready for your present?"  I am pretty sure my mouth was hanging open in a very unlady like way because he just laughed at me.  I was staring at him thinking "Oh crap!" and then I followed up with "Ooh, a present!"  He did not get me anything.  Although in his defense, I did not get him anything either.  We did not talk about getting each other anything so it did not happen.  A couple weeks before Valentine's Day I told him out of courtesy that I had something for him just in case he wanted to get me anything.  I followed up by saying he did not have to get me anything since I spent $2 on him.  He went to local bakery and bought me cookies and an ice tea...perfect.  

I used one of hubby's guitar straps to measure the new guitar strap.  I cut the strap and folded over the ends to reinforce the holes in the strap.  I zig-zagged the ends a couple of times and then I made a button holes through the reinforced ends.  To keep the edge of the strap from fraying I used Fray Block.  My BIL tried it out and it works.  Yay!!!  (Sometimes I never know if my projects will work.)  In the future I may have to alter it by adding leather ends to the strap; but for now it will work just fine.

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  1. Rad, rad, rad.

    And you're welcome. Glad to help out. I'll trade off-beat sewing ideas for hunting down lost children and comfort from near nervous-breakdowns anytime!

    My children.
    Oh, oh, my children.


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