Wednesday, February 16, 2011

January Gifts

Hubby and I call the time between September and January the five months of chaos.  75% of birthdays in our families (from parents to nieces and nephews), our birthdays, our anniversary and two major holidays fall in these months.  Birthday presents, Christmas presents, Anniversary presents are given depending on the amount of stress I am feeling during that time.  This year I plan on giving family members birthday gifts. Do you hear that family?  You are at least getting birthday gifts this year.  I have actually already failed at this - I just remembered that our fathers were left out - Oops...  But from this time forward, presents all around.  

I don't enjoy hunting the shops for gifts (unless they are one of a kind boutiques).  And I am a cheapskate I don't like to spend a lot of money on gifts that don't mean anything, so for the past few years I have tried to make gifts for everyone.  Here are the the birthday gifts I made for the January birthdays.

Journal Cover for BIL
My BIL (who is also my first cousin - I know it is a little weird, but nothing crazy is going on in our family) is a fantastic artist.  He can create just about anything.  Since I am not an artist or a guy, I don't know what to give a person with his amazing talent or gender.  I know he is a great writer and he should be writing every day.  For BIL's birthday I made him a journal cover.  I found a journal at the Goodwill, and then I covered the journal with a portion of flannel cotton and a mystery fabric that I found in my house.  (WARNING:  If you leave fabric of any sort at my house, I will use it.)  Anyhow, I used this tutorial and created a manly journal cover for under $2.

Clutch for SIL
My SIL has a great fashion sense and is very creative with every article of clothing she puts on.  This is a little intimidating because I am not like that - my clothes have a function, maybe not so much form.  I helped her accessorize her ensembles by making her a Gathered Clutch for her birthday.  The outer fabric was a napkin that I found at Pier One.  (Hint:  Go to the clearance section and pick up napkins to use for projects).  The lining fabric is a yellow print and the card holder and divider are the same green cotton fabric that I used for the outer band (Sorry, I don't have a picture of the interior).  The project cost me around $3.

Treasure Pouch for Niece
I made this little pouch for my 6 year old niece.  I filled it with embroidery thread and beads so that she can make her own creations.  Total cost $4.

With little you can make great gifts. (At least I hope they were great.)

P.S.  I apologize for the picture quality.  My camera is not the best.


  1. Lovely Leslie! I really like the choice of fabric/colors. Congrats on starting your blog!!

  2. My first comment! Yay! Thanks for the sweet compliment.

  3. I love these!! They make me so happy!! People still complement frequently on the napkins you made me for my birthday. They're always my first choice in what to use for our "mini-soirees".

    I hadn't seen the yellow clutch yet, so cute!

    I hope your sister did a happy pregnant dance when you gave her her present. I would.


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