Thursday, February 17, 2011

Write This Down...

That was a little George Strait circa 1998...and I don't know why that popped into my head.  I was thinking that my titles were a little "yawn" and this little ditty came to me.  Don't judge me.

In our office we use A LOT of paper.  It's kinda the biz...looking at maps...all the time.  To be a little more responsible about lessening the amount of waste we create, hubby (yes hubby and I work together) started saving 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that had been printed on one side.  He started making scratch paper pads for us to use for calls, and I decided to make Recycled Scrap Paper Notebooks (by the way, this was the original title).  I took a load of paper home and made some notebooks for a couple hours one Saturday afternoon.  The intent was to give them away, but I was too shy to do that so I kept them.  Can you say "Selfish Monkey?"  I was actually a little embarrassed to give these out...I don't know if anyone would like them or use them. 

My version of the notebook uses 40 sheets of one-sided used copy paper, discarded file folders, decorative paper (scrapbook paper), solid paper (cardstock), spray adhesive and yarn.

1.  Cut the file folders, decorative paper and cardstock to the size of the half sheet.

2.  In a well ventilated area, spray adhesive on the file folders and adhere the decorative paper and cardstock.

3.  Wait for the adhesive to dry.   

4.  While the adhesive is drying fold the 40 sheets in half so the print is on the inside of the fold.  Use something hard to press the seam (I use a bone folder - a nifty little scrapbook tool, but you can use a ruler or a wood pencil).

5.  Gather the sheets of paper in a neatly stacked pile with the seams on the right.

6.  Put the front and back covers in your stack.

7.  Punch holes (I used a large 3-hole hole punch that has adjustable punches) on the left side of the covers and sheets.

8.  Use yarn to bind.  You will have to figure that one out.

I use the notebooks to write recipes or notes while I am cooking, to journal, and to keep track of sewing/craft ideas (that's not true, I just thought of that is a nice idea).

Do you like or use notebooks?  Or have you started to keeping track of things electronically?  What have you recycled or upcycled to reduce waste?

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  1. These are fun! I like the binding the best. I love notebooks. And list-making pads. I just got one from the "dollar treat" - thanks, Asher - that has a perforation down the middle, and one side is "to do" and the other is "to shop" So you only have to tear off the side you need. Hooray! And it's magnetic!

    I have made some notes using my phone, but there's just some kind of neurotic obsessive-compulsive satisfaction out of finding a nice pen, sitting at my desk, and writing out a list. Twice or three times. Until it looks good.

    And then leaving it on the desk while I leave to go get whatever it was I needed.

    So to compensate for these neurosis, I save the scraps from homeschooling and worship-music printouts for doodling and lists.


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