Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mint and Jane

Hello All!  This Friday I endure a grueling 8 hour exam for my Professional Engineer's License so I am taking it easy this week.  Easy means that I still have to work, but not stress about my exam.  It means that I need to relax so that going into my exam I am not a freak who has to go to the bathroom 34 times (I know...maybe a little too much information).  Easy also means that I am going to feed my current obsession of Jane Austen and continue reading Sense and Sensibility, and finish up the final miles of the Craft Marathon with this mint green bookmark.

And I made the bookmark while watching Pride and Prejudice.  Told you I have a small obsession.  I will post a tutorial soon.

Do you have any current obsessions? 

Have a fantastic week!



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