Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lace Bookmark Tutorial

For the last week of the Craft Marathon I made a bookmark because it was easy and I had a big exam to take at the end of the week so the craft had to be quick.  This bookmark is an easy and if you don't use a Kindle, then you will be able to enjoy its use.  The bookmark is a combination of paper and lace, both of which are painted (I used a marker with a brush end).

1. Supplies: Cardstock, pens, lace, glue, scissors; 2. Make a design with the pens; 3. Glue the lace to the
cardstock; 4. Trim the excess lace; 5. Use the same colors to make the same design on the lace.

Here are a couple of other ideas. Make color blocks, attach the lace, and then use the same colors to paint the lace. Or make a design on the cardstock, add a shear fabric, and then paint the fabric.

You can give this tucked inside of a book for Mother's Day (unless your Mom has a Kindle, in which case she just messed up your plans), or have bookmarks on hand to give as quick gifts inside a hand written letter to your friends.

I am off to go for a run.  Enjoy your weekend!


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