Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Road Trip

This past weekend Hubby and I took a short (as in time, not distance travelled) road trip.  Our criteria when deciding where to go on a trip is someplace new (for me) and something to do (for him).  We drove to Prescott, Arizona to camp (in March camping means freezing cold at night) and to gold pan.  It was short trip, but we had a nice time and I even learned how to pan for gold.  I think we found about 3 cents worth of gold.  We went thrifting and I found a Pyrex bowl to add to my collection, we stopped at 3 different In-N-Out's (we have a life long goal to visit as many In-N-Out's as we can), we saw a bunch of crazy things in the desert (desert people are wierd), we slept in every morning, and met some really nice people.  Here are a few pics of the weekend (I wish they were more exciting, but I am terrible at taking a bunch of pictures).

16 hours of this:

Even though I have a "No Smarts" phone, it was dead so I did alot of this:

We did some of this:

And I did some of this:

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