Sunday, January 1, 2012


(Disclaimer:  this should be New Year, not New Years...Go with it.)
This year I have decided to make some New Year's Resolutions.  I don't really like New Year's Resolutions...I don't like to commit to something that I know I will not accomplish.  Why set myself up for failure?  The synonyms for resolution are the following:  resolve, determination, perseverance, tenacity, strength, fortitude.  Those are some hefty words that could scare anyone, but I think they are amazing words to live by.  So, for 2012 I made a list of tasks that I would like to either further develop or completely conquer.  

1.  Exercise - Yeah, I know this is soooo cliche.  But, I am 35 years old and parts of my body are not the 
same as they were even 5 years ago.  And, it is true that it is easier to put on the weight, lose muscle strength and lung capacity in a very short period of inactivity.   

2.  Pass my Professional Engineer's Exam - I took the exam in October and unfortunately I get to take another run at it.  I went into the exam feeling prepared and confident for one whole exam and part of another exam.  And the results I received so far (I will find out about 2 of the exams next week) reflected how I felt going into the exam.  Studying resumes in two weeks for the exam in April.

3.  Develop this blog more - Last year was an experiment to test the waters with blogging.  I want to develop this blog in a way that I have several ideas ready to making weekly lists and journal entries with my that there is a set schedule to posts for different days of the week.  I am not yet ready to ask what you want to see on this blog, but you are more than welcome to throw out any ideas.  The photography on the blog is sorely lacking.  I received a new camera for Christmas so I am going to learn how to use that with different lighting techniques to produce better photographs.

4.  Journal - I don't know why it is so hard to write down my thoughts, but it is.  This year I want to journal.  Alli from One Pearl Button has been keeping a One Line A Day journal.  I think it is a great idea.  In addition to keeping a daily journal, I need to journal blog ideas...the good, the bad and the ugly.  It's a learning process.  
Four whole resolutions for the year...I think I can handle them. 

What do you think about Resolutions?  Like them, hate them, over-rated?



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