Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Gifts For Little Girls

My goal for Christmas presents this year was to give out 29 presents.  Yep,  29 presents.  And I did it.  Don't know how, but I did.  I also started early...early to me is Thanksgiving.  The tally came to 15 handmade gifts (2 yet to finish) and 14 store bought gifts (6 were semi hand made and creative and 2 were yarn gifts to make handmade items).  Not bad.  The 2 gifts that I need to finish are an afghan and a to be announced gift.  I gifted a half yard of fabric and my time to make something for a one year old girl. 

The little girls in our family received crocheted purses.  For each purse, I crocheted two granny squares for the front and back, attached a button, a loop and a strap, lined the inside, and filled it with goodies.

I made two of these purses for the younger girls.

It is hard to see, but this is a Granny Square.

I don't know how to keep the squares from turning.  Any tips?  Let me know.

I had all of the yarn, the fabric for the lining and 2 of the buttons on hand.  All I needed was 2 more buttons.  From what I heard, all of the girls liked the purses.

What did you get for Christmas?  Anything handmade, anything not...it doesn't matter either way...it really is the thought that counts.



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