Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things I Like For Christmas

I am FINALLY done with exams.  Now I get to play the waiting game...10 to 12 weeks until the results are sent.  Thankfully November and December tend to be extremely busy months, so it should go by quickly.

One of my best Christmas memories is the Christmas morning I found out that Santa was not real.  I was six or seven and I had a hunch about Santa.  That year I made sure that Santa could not get into our house.  I went around to all of the doors and double checked the locks.  Also, we had a fireplace insert so there was no way his fat butt was coming down the chimney...plus the fire was still lit.  Early Christmas morning I heard something down the hall from my bedroom...and of course I was scared to death...I thought someone was in our house.  I look down the hall and staring back at me next to the Christmas tree was this white butt...otherwise known as my Dad in his tighty whities bent over putting presents under the tree.  No more Santa...I am pretty sure I ruined it for my sister that morning too.

The last couple of years I have not decorated much for Christmas.  We have either been out of town or I was being a Grinch.  The Grinch attitude happens every other year or so, and judging by my want to decorate, I think this may be my non-Grinch year.  Here is how I would like to decorate:

1.  A white Christmas tree with lots of color.

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2.  Stockings.  In almost 14 years of marriage I still have not made Hubby and I stockings.  Gotta get on this.  Denyse Schmidts Quilts stocking Pattern could really help me.

3.  If I don't put our names on the stockings, I think these little embroidery hoops by Lilac Saloon would be fun to make as stocking tags.

4.  Bottle Brush Trees.  I like how Nest Pretty Things styled the different colored trees.

5.  Yarn ball ornaments in the Holiday Guide by Emily Henderson and map ornaments by Mary Janes & Galoshes.

6.   This easy Tree Skirt by Design Sponge.

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?  What do you want to make?



  1. your story about Santa made me laugh out loud.

  2. @*amanda.grace
    Poor Santa...he should have left his clothes on.


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