Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Gave In

I told myself "No, I will not join Pinterest.  It looks like fun, but No...Just say No."  I don't have a facebook account any longer because it was a time sucker and I just couldn't take it any more.  So, I have been holding off on signing up for Pinterest because of the same thing.  But...I gave in.  And it was because of this:

A present from a friend.

A little inspiration posted on one wall really helps me pick through different options.  I normally collect inspiration in my email, but that is getting a bit tedious and unorganized.  I know the chair needs a little help, but it will be a fun piece in my house.

Here are a few ideas:

Love The Color Combination.

Again, Love The Color Combo.

I Can't Say That I Love The Color Combo Enough.

Just a warning, Pinterest can be addicting.  I look in moderation because otherwise I would not be able to control myself.  Here is my Pinterest if you want to look.  And, if you want an invite to feed your own addiction collect your own inpiration, then just let me know.



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