Friday, July 8, 2011

Leaves Me With A Smile

Ok.  So here is the end result of what I teased you about here.

Do you like it?  I do.

The fabric is knit and the thickness is between a t-shirt knit and a sweatshirt knit.  I found it at the thrift store so that is all I know about the material.

I used a shirt that I already have as the pattern...taking a cue from this fun gal.  I attached the leaves as appliques after I made reverse appliques.  Does that make sense?  I didn't think so.  I cut leaves out of the knit fabric and a lace curtain.  I sewed the two pieces together and then cut the middle of the knit out so the lace shows through.  Then for some color I embroidered around each of the leaves.  I started sewing the leaves on, but they were puckering.  So I used Heat N Bond so that I could iron them on nice an flat, and then I finished them by sewing them in place.  There is one small problem...I am not sure how to wash this shirt.  I think I will hand wash it so that the leaves don't ruin (that would be sad.  Maybe there are instructions on the Heat N Bond package, but of course I have taken the time to read them.  After I finished the leaves I sewed the front and back of the shirts together.  Since the fabric is knit, and I am a little lazy, I did not hem the ends.

The shirt is comfortable and thick enough not to have to wear a tank underneath.  

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

Beverly at Flamingo Toes, thanks for the link up.



  1. This is really cute Leslie!! I love the embroidery work over the leaves. Very Anthro. :)
    I'm showing it off on FB & Twitter!

  2. What a lovely top, you did a wonderful job.

  3. @Beverly @
    Thank you so much!! I had several of my friends say the same thing.


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