Monday, June 13, 2011

It Was A Nice Night

Last night Hubby and I hung out with our roommates at their latest house-sitting gig.  They move in for three weeks and then move out for three rude.  We had a bar-b-que, drove into town to get coffee, and watched the sunset from the porch.  The evening was relaxing and beautiful.  During the evening I asked my roomie to take pictures of my new skirt so that I could show you all.

This skirt started out like this:

I bought this dress at the thrift store shortly after reading this post.  I was drawn to the colors, the pattern, the knit fabric, and that it is not see through.  Knit fabric for the warm summer days and not being see through for obvious reasons.  I cut off the bottom of the dress just below the ruching, and then left it on my sewing table for three weeks.  That was a necessary step to let fabric breath (I kid, I kid).  I then ran a couple of basting stitches around the top of the skirt to gather the fabric.  After gathering it to my liking, I sewed on a 1.5" wide black elastic waistband.  The result, an easy skirt to wear during summer (or a cold spring day with boots, like I did last week).

I hope you all had a great weekend.  Welcome to Monday


Credits:  T, for taking my pictures.  I owe you cookies and a bracelet.

Thanks to Beverly at Flamingo Toes for the link up!


  1. Dearest Essie.
    You look sassy in this skirt. I like it. And the skirt. I think u should make every girl u know one. And I'm still waiting for those cookies:)
    Luff u.

  2. @10aya
    I like your sign in. Yeah Yeah...cookies. They are coming soon.


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