Friday, March 2, 2012

Pillow Envy

Are you harder on yourself than everyone else?  I am.  It is something that I have to constantly work on.  Like thinking about this pillow I made...over and over and over.  Its stupid to think about an inanimate object that much. is the pep talk to myself:  "the pillow is not bad at all, just put it somewhere else where you can't see it anymore and everything will be fine".  Is that denial?  Or deflection?  Or avoidance?  See how I torture myself.  Here is a better pep talk:  "It.Doesn't.Matter...It.Is.Just.A.Pillow!"

My sister-in-law, at amanda.grace designs, and my friend, at very much sew, made some pretty cute pillows this week.  I love that both of them have different details that add visual interest.

By amanda.grace designs

By very much sew

Very nice ladies!



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