Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I Like

Please excuse my absence on Wednesday.  The absence was due to computer issues.  I work on this blog on three different computers.  One contracted a virus that was not horrible, but annoying.  The laptop contracted a similar virus, but the virus ended up munching on system files rendering the laptop inoperable.  I have been afraid to touch the third computer until better protection was installed. them, hate them...but mostly I want to throw them out into the street and let a semi run over them.

So, to end the week on a better note, lets look at some Things I Like:

Cozy Wool Insoles by Maya*Made.

I want this blanket!  Martha Stewart can show you how to make it.

I like these cute Tiny Paintings by Ohchalet.

Cross-stitch on wire mesh by Stitch-Cook-Grow-Love.  I am thinking living or bedroom art.

Lately I have been kind of obsessed with wanting pom-pom...something.  I like these curtains.
By Anthropologie

Geometric Photo Art by A Beautiful Mess.  I have an old quilt that I have been meaning to frame.  Maybe I could use some of the fabric in lieu of paint chips?   Hmmm...

Have A Fantastic Weekend!!!



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