Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Say No!

This is not a post about drugs, but you probably should say no drugs...just thinking out loud.  I am going to throw a pity party for myself on my blog today. 

Have you had those days where the one thing that needs to be finished just isn't working out right? (Or that what you need to finish is corresponding with pms and your amazing ability to procrastinate?  If you are a guy reading this...sorry...just being honest here.)  You know the days...when you need a haircut and the person just isn't in the mood and your haircut turns out like crap, or when you are driving behind the slowest people in town and you are completely mad when you get to work (and your commute is only 5 minutes), or when you really need to finish a baby blanket for the baby shower the next day and this is happens:

NOT GOOD!!!!  This was not an isolated happened to every single granny square I crocheted.  Crap, Crap, Crap.  I went to sleep thinking about the blanket and woke up thinking about the blanket.  And after looking at it one more time while performing reconstructive surgery, I gave up.  Big Fat Bummer because this was my new niece's baby shower gift.  I spent a lot of time crocheting this blanket...the granny squares were started in September.  And now I have to fix it and put it away because I don't want to give the blanket away now.  I proceeded with Plan B, and that failed.  I tried a cute card...that kind of failed.  I was so mad that I threw a crumbled up piece of cardstock at my window for some satisfaction.  (I might be little pathetic :).  On to Plan Hubby's gift for our niece, make another card, wrap the present and tell my sister-in-law that my gift will come later.  I am glad she is a cool lady.

So, there are days that you should just say no to sewing, crocheting, gluing, or whatever it is that you like to do because nothing will go right.  Just tell yourself it will be okay...and it will definitely be okay if you get cake and a glass of wine (fingers-crossed) at the baby shower.

I really hope your weekend has started much better than mine.



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