Monday, May 30, 2011

Things I Like

Happy Memorial Day everyone!  God Bless our troops, vets, anyone who has sacrificially served our country.  I wish we could give you more for the time and effort you put into protecting our country.

Since I get a paid day off, I am going to work on a few projects, and I am going to clean my bedroom (aka sewing room) and the laundry room (aka smelly dog room).  As I write this I am wearing my running clothes hoping that I will be inspired to run later...maybe.

In the meantime, here are a few goodies that I like.

1.  Feather Earrings.  This is easy if you have the beading supplies.  I am making a trip to the bead store today for another project and I will have to find something similar.

By LDC designs

2.  Pillowcase Dress for adults.  I have seen pillowcase dresses for girls, but not for women.  Melissa, this is for you.

By xojane

3.  Modern Friendship Bracelets.  I made friendship bracelets back in the day.  These are a lot more fun.

Via Beautiful Mess

4.  Easy Potholders.  I like this tutorial.  I have tried to make potholders - only once - but they did not turn out as well as I had planned.  I probably could have tried again and figured it out, but I like doing things correct the first time.  Anyone with me?  I know this is lazy, but most of the time it is easier to stick the unfinished project in a basket, forget about it and move on.  That is until you see a really easy tutorial.

By My Girl Thursday

5.  Cozy Cross Couch Throw.  I love blankets.  Even when it is hot outside, and the air conditioning is on inside, I like to be under a blanket.  I even have two blankets from when I was young - I am talking about 25 years ago.  Since I have a plethora of blankets, it would be nice to have one that actually "goes" with my bedroom.

Via Grosgrain

Have a fantastic day!  ~Leslie


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